The VOLLEYSTRENGTH KETTLEBELL LIFTOFF training is likely the most important piece of our program. Kettlebell training is serious business and the techniques for this system need to be followed closely to ensure safety and maximum benefit. There might not be a more perfect strength tool for a volleyballer than a kettlebell so this is a very exciting time in your development. We have created a program that is second to none for kettlebell training and we couldn’t be more excited for you.

Like our BODYWEIGHT LIFTOFF training, you have 12 days to complete before graduating to KETTLEBELL 1. You don’t have to do 12 days straight to graduate from KETTLEBELL LIFTOFF: you could spread them out every other day or do two in a row and then take a couple of days off. We will, however, encourage you to have the entire list of 12 days complete in one month. What you are about to embark on will change everything for you: the way you move as an athlete, your vertical explosion and your endurance!

  • 12 days of learning and experiencing what’s to come in your kettlebell workouts.
  • Take your time and study the videos.
  • Get excited for day 12’s graduation workout!