Do I need to have weight training experience to use VOLLEYSTRENGTH?

Absolutely not. In fact, we built out half of the program to teach volleyballers how to get strong. Our four stage platform takes a first timer and walks them through months and months of programming to allow them to safely build coordination and strength. 

What if I can’t complete a workout from front to back?

When the coaches put the program together, we wanted to design workouts that were tough and purposeful. We understand that there are days that are going to be harder than others but we encourage you to push to the finish. There may be situations that preclude you from completing a given workout due to lack of time or fatigue or school, and we totally understand. Just remember, the more workouts you complete, the faster you are going to develop VOLLEYSTRENGTH.

Am I going to need to buy a bunch of equipment to be able to start training?

Nope! When the developers got together, the agreement was to create an incredible program that would fast track a young athlete to be explosive and strong without needing an entire weight room full of equipment. The first two tiers of the program are exclusively bodyweight. You are going to develop an amazing foundation of bodyweight strength that will set the stage for our more advanced level kettlebell sections. You have over 6 months of programming where you need only open space and a good pair of shoes.

Can I skip the Liftoff programs for either the bodyweight sections and/or the kettlebell sections?

We highly encourage you to follow the program exactly how it is written, including the Liftoff blocks. The Liftoffs are designed to familiarize you with all of the movements that you are going to see throughout the program. You may experience some initial soreness. This is normal. When Coach Holder is working with his Division I volleyballers, he puts them through a Liftoff block whenever they are starting a new training phase so we encourage you to trust our experience.

If I have an injury, should I train anyway?

First and most importantly, if you have an injury, go and see your doctor or a physical therapist to get evaluated. You need to have a medical professional look at what is wrong and give you advice how to proceed. Things will happen: turn an ankle at practice, tweak a shoulder in a match, we get it. What we all need to understand is the difference between being sore, and being injured. We can promise you that you are going to be sore, especially in the onset of the VOLLEYSTRENGTH program; and that is great! However, if you think you are experiencing something more than significant than soreness, halt the program and see a doctor. 

Am I going to get huge muscles as a result of doing the VOLLEYSTRENGTH program?

Strong muscles? Yes. Hard muscles? No doubt about it. Huge muscles, no. What we need everyone to understand is that building big, bodybuilder-type muscles requires a very specific type of weight training, diet and supplementation. The VOLLEYSTRENGTH program was designed to build the healthy, strong and explosive muscles.

What if I don’t understand how to do an exercise?

We have built a video library with over 100 exercises to give you the best example of how each exercise should be performed. Coach Holder has cued each move, we’ve built text outside of the videos and we’ve picked some of the most athletic people in the business to demonstrate how it should look. We encourage you all to spend time with the videos… watch them more than once… read the text and practice looking like the models. Practice, practice, practice, practice. 

If I have to take a long layoff, should I start over at the beginning?

Understand, the Liftoff programs are intended to give a brand new person to the program a 12-day orientation to what they can expect. Do you need to repeat the 12 days… not necessarily. We stand firm that everyone needs to do the Liftoff programs when they begin, but if you’ve been through it already, feel free to start in the section you were working on before your layoff. Just understand, a break from the program for more than a week will be welcomed back by a lot of soreness. So take your time ramping up the program again so you don’t get seriously sore the first day.

How much time should I rest in between sets and exercises?

Because of the nature of what we are asking you to do, we are going to leave that up to you. The most important thing to remember is we want quality reps for every exercise. There is no point in practicing sloppy reps just to hurry through something. Yes, the conditioning programs and the VOLLEYSTRENGTH Jump Circuit do have a time component that you need to stick to, becauase, well, it’s conditioning. But the main section of the program is open ended to your level of fitness. If you can race through each training session and maintain beautiful technique, by all means, move quickly. But, bad technique is never okay. Take a reasonable break between sets, and when you are ready, start the next one. 

How long should a workout take?

When designing this program, our coaches wanted to make sure that our athletes could get through any workout in approximately 30 minutes. We wanted to format the most effective program we could with the intention that most athletes don’t have 90 minutes to dedicate towards their strength and conditioning. Yes, some of the more advanced kettlebell sections might take a bit longer than 30 minutes, but we have tested the program over and over and it should take just under 30 minutes, front to back.

Do I really need to do the VolleyFlow prior to each workout?

100% yes. No doubt about it. The VolleyFlow is critically important for you to perform before you train to make sure that your body is warm, you’ve mobilized your joints and we have your blood pumping. Again, we have tested this concept over and over, and many like it where Coach Holder works, and the payoff for the 6 minute investment is huge. Another reason to do the VolleyFlow: open hips translate to significant increases in vertical leap!