The VOLLEYSTRENGTH LIFTOFF training is the entry way into the VOLLEYSTRENGTH bodyweight program. Every VOLLEYSTRENGTH athlete is expected to complete each of the 12 days. The intention is to expose you to the entire catalogue of exercises that you will encounter during the BEGINNER BODYWEIGHT program.

Approach all of these exercises as if you are studying for a test. Take your time, be thorough, watch the videos and practice all of the techniques to ensure success in the next phase. You don’t have to do 12 days straight to graduate from BODYWEIGHT LIFTOFF: you could spread them out every other day or do two in a row and then take a couple of days off. We will, however, encourage you to have the entire list of 12 days complete in one month. This will set you up perfectly for the bodyweight series. 

  • 12 days of learning and experiencing what’s to come in your bodyweight workouts.
  • Take your time and study the videos.
  • Get excited for day 12’s graduation workout!